At Home Pet Care Services

Medical and Non-Medical care for your pet in the comfort
of your own home!

Services and fees

Small Animal Services
Medical Services
  • SQ Fluid Administration-$35/visit
  • Medication Administration-$30
  • Blood Pressure Reading-$50/visit
  • Medicated Bath-$45
  • Assist feeding-$30
  • Insulin administration-$35/visit
Non-Medical Services
  • Dog walking-$25 for 30 minutes, $35/hour (+$10/additional dog)
  • Basic Pet Care-$25/visit                      (feeding/cleaning/brief walk)
  • Basic Grooming and Bathing including....
*Dog nail trims-$30
*Cat nail trim-$25
Nail dremel-$35
*Anal gland expression-$30
Anal gland/Nail trim combo-$50
Non-medicated bath-$35
Ear cleaning-$15
Teeth cleaning-$15
*Avian wing and nail trim-$35

*Discounts may apply with multiple pet households on some services

Equine Services

Cranio-Sacral Body Work

  • $75/session (typically takes 1.5-2 hours)

Body Clipping

  • Full body-$160
  • Body only-$130 (no legs/face)
  • Body only plus face- $140
  • Trace-$100

**(All horses must be bathed and dry prior to clipping)

Basic Horse Care

  • Feeding, cleaning, blanketing -$35/visit 
  • Additional fees may apply for multiple horses, time and distance traveled


  • lunging-additional $10
  • Riding-additional $25
  • Turn out-additional $5